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Hair Care Instructions

To prepare your hair to have extensions installed you should freshly wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo and only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair if you absolutely need it. Freshly cleaned and dried hair will ensure a strong bond.

After you have had extensions put in do not wash your hair for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the bonds to fully harden. The longer you wait, the better it is for the longevity of the bonds.


  • Regular washing of your hair should be only once every two to three days. If you have a problem with oily hair, try using a dry shampoo.

  •  Sulfate free shampoo is a must. Never use any volumizing shampoos or products. Although there are probably many good shampoos and conditioners out there that work well with extensions it is impossible for me to try each one and know which is good or bad. I have heard stories about some over-the-counter products breaking down bonds so it is important to stick with a good brand. 

  •  When conditioning your hair, try to keep the conditioner away from the bonds. Conditioner on or too near to the bonds may cause them to loosen and slip. Always keep the hair in a relatively straight position while washing. Never lather it up into a ball on top of your head- this can cause tangling.

  •  After showering, you can blow dry your hair but try not to put any direct heat on the bonds or they could possibly melt.

  • You may swim as usual but remember that prolonged water exposure may weakens the bonds. Dry roots as quickly as possible.

  •  Always brush out your hair before washing and again afterwards to avoid any tangling. You may use a spray in detangler on the ends of your hair.

  •  Extensions seem to be susceptible to being pulled out when the bonds are wet, so use care.

  •  I recommend buying a "wet brush" to brush out your scalp. Extension brushes can be bought during your appointment.

  • When brushing your hair use extreme care. Always hold hair in a ponytail while brushing out the ends (which may be done with a regular brush). For the rest of your hair, hold one hand firmly against your scalp while brushing. Doing this will ensure less shedding and a longer life for your extensions. When brushing over your scalp, you should use a extension brush to avoid any bristles getting caught in the bonds and pulling out your natural hair.

  •  Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out.

  •  All of the extensions I do are done with 100% Human Hair so you may use straighteners, curling irons, or any type of hot tools on your extensions that you would normally use on your real hair.

  •  If your extensions were put in using fusion, use caution around the bonds of your extensions, they melt easily.

  •  As far as coloring your extensions goes, it is not recommended. I have however heard successful stories of girls dying them darker shades (darker = adding color), but not for lightening extensions which has been known to damage the hair (lighter = stripping color). Any coloring of the extensions are done so at your own risk.  

  • You may get your roots touched up after your hair starts to grow out without any problems.

  •  I recommend sleeping in a loose ponytail (soft scrunchie) or braid to avoid any tangling from occurring the night.

  •  It is important to keep an eye on your hair daily and make sure you do not get any knots in your hair. Proper bushing will stop knots from starting. If you have noticed two or three strands starting to tangle together you can grab the ends of the strands and pull them apart to stop the tangle from getting worse. If you ever do find a knot it is important to get it out as soon as possible before it becomes a problem.

  •  Some shedding is normal. Please take into account that if you had short hair to begin with youfre only use to seeing very short hairs on your brush; now that you have long hair it will look like there is a lot more hair in your brush, this is normal.

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