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Q and A

What are the benefits of extensions?

Aside from making hair longer, fuller, or both,

a bad haircut can be remedied instantly. Middle stages of growing out can be avoided. If you're always trying to get more fullness, washing every day to get volume ....well, you can put an end to this and not have continual styling stress on the hair. Some believe extensions are high maintenence, but in reality they can actually save a lot of people time otherwise spent styling.

We see a lot of people who are "growing layers out" and don't want the top layers cut. But this is always the driest part of the hair.

-One of the great things about extensions is the top layers of your hair that you're currently using for length can be cut to be used as volume on top and face framing, and the extensions will add the length and more fullness.

-If you're getting married or have a special event there are exciting options available to make a more dramatic effect.
-Many clients say their hair looks and feels better after extensions. Less heat and damage is done to your own hair while wearing extensions.


Can extensions damage my hair?

Just like too much flat-ironing, chemical processing, or sun exposure -your hair could get damaged... it's like anything else.

If installed or cared for improperly, or cheaper products are used...well, you know the rest...

-If extensions are put in too tightly or incorrectly, it could cause damage. 
-If they aren't cared for, or are left in too long, extensions could cause damage. (Extensions need to be brushed at the scalp and not allowed to get tangled with your hair).

-Please remember extensions should only be worn for 3-4 months, then removed and moved up the scalp and/or replaced with new ones.
-Not all Fusion keratin bonds are created equal.

-Not all Fusion Tools are the same.
-Be careful buying your own hair, cheaper hair can tangle with itself and your hair.


-The person applying the extensions plays a HUGE role in the quality of them!

-Cutting extensions is difficult - and is a huge and important part of the process.

-How well the extensions are maintained is up to the client.

Different extensions will appeal to different people, it boils down to personal preference. You might try them once and have some fun with them. Many clients find they like them and want to continue wearing them.


What is the best hair on the market?

There is no "best hair on the market". There's high quality hair, and there is hair of varying lesser qualities. Everyone claims to have the best hair - not possible.


How much do Extensions cost?

-These prices do not necessarily reflect what i charge, but rather to give a general idea of what you might pay from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The longer the extension hair-the higher the cost can be. If your hair is very thick, more hair may be needed. The amount of time to attach the extensions could also be greater. Synthetic or less expensive hair can sometimes reduce cost.

Temporary or clip in extensions range from $30 to over $400. These extensions can be put on yourself.
Fusion extensions, including shrinks and links methods, usually start at around $300 (without hair cost). Some salons charge $1200-$4000 for a full head of fusion extensions.


Concerning Locks/Links/Tubes/Cylinders etc..I've read, "No heat no glue therefore no damage"?

This is simply untrue. They've essentially created a problem that doesn't necessarily exist, and made people worry about it. If anyone is worried about heat causing damage to hair - you better throw away all curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers immediately. Remember, some of these articles are merely trying to sell one system over another.

In My personal opinion Microlink bonds aren't quite as smooth as Fusion, but that's a matter of preference. As with ANY kind of extension, your hair can get tangled around the bonded area if not brushed routinely.



Can anyone get extensions?

Hair extensions are feasible for most, but depending on what type, not everyone. A consultation should be required before getting extensions.


What is the removal process?

A solution is applied to remove Bonding. Most brands of Fusion extensions use an gel based remover or alcohol solution to remove the hair. Microlinks are opened and the hair is removed.

Is there any maintenance?

Hair can be treated like your own with a few considerations. Shampooing everyday can shorten the life of some extensions. Saunas and hot tubs can melt the bonds in some cases. Products with oil can weaken the bonds. Try to only use alcohol free products. Brushing is key. Microlinks need to be tightened every 6 weeks or so. Fusion extensions need to be removed and replaced every 3-4 months. Your stylist can go over any other specifics on what kind of care is needed for your particular extensions.


Where does the hair come from?
Human hair extensions come mainly from Europe, India, and Asia.
There are many varieties of human hair. Some hair is chemically processed to achieve the various colors and textures. Because it has been chemically treated it is less expensive. More expensive hair goes through a different kind of process to achieve various colors, and the texture is natural. This process of osmosis can take a few weeks to achieve different colors. The best hair also has the cuticle layers facing one direction to prevent tangling. Less expensive hair comes from several donors, is chemically processed, and the cuticle layers will all not be aligned. This hair is soft and silky to start with but becomes dry quickly.

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